Who is Tara Hale?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. A self-taught artist, I have always endeavoured to improve my skills. I work both digitally and traditionally. Most of my earliest pieces were in pencil but eventually I branched out and now enjoy working in black ballpoint pen, artline pen, nib and ink, and most recently I have discovered a love of  water colour. I love testing my skills by trying new things. My experiences as a commercial illustrator in Advertising agencies, Design studios and as a freelancer over the last 14 years have lead me to create artwork for clients in a number of various styles and mediums and is always challenging and interesting.

Aside from working as an illustrator, I am also a qualified graphic designer. I find that my perspective as an illustrator complements my design work and gives me a different perspective on jobs as I know I’m not limited to producing a purely typographic design – I can seamlessly add images myself without having to outsource. As many designers can’t draw, I am often called upon to aid in the completion of a logo or design concept which is always fun.
Other positions I have held in the past include Studio Manager and Lecturer. I previously lectured at Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art in Brisbane teaching ‘Illustration for Design’, a course I created from scratch for the University. I enjoy being active in the Illustration and Design communities and have been a member of Illustrators Australia  – a national Illustrator’s organisation – for many years. I held the position of Queensland Representative for IA for 3 years.
Events of note:
• In 2010 I won the People’s Choice Award in Brisbane at the Illustrator’s Australia Annual 9×5 exhibition for my piece ‘Waiting’
• In 2011 my 10 illustrations for ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s 2011 Season’ made it as a finalist in the Desktop Magazine Create Awards for Illustration.
• In 2014 I collaborated with MadeKnown design studio to produce a logo for ‘Winvic Pastoral’ which featured my illustration of a Braford Bull. This logo was a finalist in the 2014 Queensland Multi Media Awards in the Best Identity/Logo section.

Some of my clients include:
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Centenary Theatre Group
Environment Australia
Queensland Health
Gymnastics Queensland
Brisbane City Council
Brisbane Water
ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee of Queensland Inc.
Delfin Lend Lease
The Variety Club
Cengage Education
Urban Tanks
Blue Care
Bis Industries
LAMP Creative
Endeavour Foundation
MadeKnown Design Studio
4 Ingredients
The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health